Client Pledge

Transparency is our pledge to you. Integral is open with clients about investment performance and fees. We provide you with information on a timely basis. Our aim is for you to have a firm grasp of what is happening with your financial affairs at any given time.

Transparency fosters trust between our clients and our advisors. Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, particularly when it comes to investments.

1. We Listen

Your Integral advisor is focused on understanding your needs. Through our detailed Client Discovery Process, our advisors work with you to identify your life goals and your financial goals. We take the time to get a proper handle on what matters to you.

2. We’re Accountable

We tell our clients exactly what they can expect from us as their financial advisor. Our advisors spell out the specific scope of duties they will undertake on your behalf. They also flag for you the information you will need to provide for them to properly discharge those duties.

3. You’re The Boss

As our client, you decide how often you want to hear from your Integral advisor – and about what. During the Client Discovery Process, you and your advisor determine those boundaries and they are respected.

4. We’re Responsive

We provide timely updates when it matters. Regular performance reports and scheduled client meetings keep an open communications channel between you and your advisor. If something comes up outside this normal cycle, you will hear from your advisor.