Wealth Management Services

Integral advisors are qualified, experienced financial professionals. They understand that comprehensive wealth management involves more than just selecting investments and managing a portfolio.

Our wealth management services bring together four fundamental disciplines:

1. Advanced Financial Planning

Your advisor calibrates financial and retirement goals in the key areas of wealth enhancement (capital growth); wealth transfer (estate planning); wealth protection (tax/insurance planning); tax efficiency and charitable giving.

2. Investment Counselling

Our advisors offer access to astute investment management with the goal of generating the best available after-tax rate of growth on capital, consistent with your tolerance for risk. Competent investment counselling

eliminates unnecessary risks, unnecessary fees, and unnecessary taxes.

3. Risk Management

We assess any risks that could threaten a client’s health, life, income or assets. Our advisors recommend ways to insure against identified risks, where and when appropriate.

4. Quarterbacking Relationships With Experts

If requested, our advisors collaborate with the client’s tax, legal and other experts. To attain the clients goals, it is often essential that the efforts of these professionals are harmonized.