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Randy McIntyre

Senior Wealth Manager

Randy’s career in financial planning began in 1994 after his retirement from the Canadian Armed Forces, where he spent his formative years working as a Personnel Officer. The Financial Advisory industry seemed a perfect career for utilizing both his BA (Commerce) degree from the Royal Military College in Kingston with his over 7 years experience working with service members providing counselling, and career management advice.

Today, Randy operates the Pure Advice wealth management team at Integral Wealth with his long-time colleague Diego Miranda.  Randy takes the lead on conducting thorough analyses and modelling of client financial matters – working to uncover customized planning solutions that will create their fastest path to financial independence.  His skills are often brought to bear on very complex situations involving advanced tax, estate, trust, corporate, pension, and risk management situations.  Many of his clients are wrestling with complicated circumstances arising from the need to construct an efficient retirement income, transfer assets efficiently to families – sometimes to disabled children – and restructuring their affairs to achieve greater tax and cost efficiencies.

Once an overarching strategy has been agreed, Randy works with Diego to construct a portfolio that is designed to achieve the tax, income, and estate goals of the individual client. He uses an asset mix that takes full advantage of Integral Wealth’s open-architecture product shelf, and which is as cost-, and tax-effective as possible. The end result is a tip-to-tail solution that is designed to directly answer the most pressing needs of the client that best matches their time horizon, risk tolerance, and income imperatives.

Randy’s seeks to selectively add to his client base individuals and families who are beset with financial paralysis or inefficiency, and who are seeking a clear, comprehensive, achievable strategy to moving forward in life.

Randy invites you to inquire about the Pure Advice services and how they can move your family forward.

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