Private Clients

Our Commitment to You


Our first duty is to provide unbiased advice to our clients remaining independent of the institutions that create and market financial products. We accomplish this by remaining independent of the institutions that create and market financial products. Integral prohibits in-house financial products, eliminating a key potential conflict of interest.



Financial advisors who are credentialed, well-supported and unencumbered by conflict are best equipped to provide clients with quality advice and personalized service. Integral has no ownership ties to any bank, mutual fund or life insurance company. Our private client advisors have built their professional practices along independent lines. Our advisors are empowered by the firm to provide advice that is tailored to each client’s particular situation.



The foundation of fair dealings with our clients is full, open and timely disclosure of fees, charges and policies. Transparency promotes accountability making our advisors accountable for the products and advice they are providing to our private clients. All fees, charges and policies are explained at account opening and ongoing as services are provided to ensure transparency is present in all of our dealings.



By adhering to these business principles, Integral has fashioned a new, strongly client-centric business model. This contrasts with the old business models found in large brokerage firms and financial institutions;

Broker, Selling Products Advisor, Providing Guidance
Commission Based on Sales Professional Fee Based on Advice
‘House’ Financial Products Open Architecture*
Conflicted Aligned
Confusing Clear
Opaque Transparent
First Duty To Shareholders First Duty To Clients
*unrestricted access to all products